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A buyer or a seller should have an independent attorney looking out for their interests in real estate transactions. The attorney will be the professional communicating with either the seller’s or buyer’s agent or title company through the process . The attorney will review all documents related to the transaction including the contract, the closing statement, the title history and related documents including the deed, mortgage and promissory note and any and all documents both before and after the closing. Errors in the title and oversights in documents could in overcharges to the buyer and/or the seller, and in some cases, defects in the chain of title that can severely impair the buyer’s ownership interest in the property. We get closely involved in the process to make sure that our clients are well represented in the transaction and get a clear title.

From acres of open farmland to the tiniest studio apartment, real estate law covers the most fundamental aspects of where we live, work, and play. Even the simplest lease should be run past an attorney before it is signed.

We can help with any real estate issue, including:

  • Residential real estate
  • Buying and selling Residential and Commercial real estate property
  • Real estate closings
  • Loan modifications

Real estate law varies from state to state and changes constantly. We urge you to be fully prepared for your real estate issues by allowing us to handle anything that comes your way.

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